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I ran out of things to care about on facebook (nothing new there) quite quickly, so I randomly opened my livejournal account and saw the Eastern Spire community. I felt nostalgic, so I started reading...
And reading...
And reading all the comments...
Until I ran out of stuff to read.

First off, I`m sorry that I was not more active in this community. I should have contributed more to these discussions and given a fresh perapective.

Second, I miss you all. Alarmingly so.

I don`t even think anyone in this group still uses livejournal, but meh.

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So from what everybody seems to know, Cj is running tomorrow. We are in a dungeon at the moment. We left our heros trying to decide if they were going to rest for the 8 hours for the arcane spells to come back. I of course am up for the idea. I also only have the arcane spells to offer to the group. So... See you guys tomorrow after I get done with my Physics Lab and Cj gets out of class...
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IC:Hey God!

That last cleric we... neutralized seemed to imply that we had done something... stupid. I'm curious as to what happened last time they tried something like this. Can we do some research before we deside what we are doing next? I really don't want to leave this half done or open ended.

As for downtime, I need someone who can make a pair of lenses giving me a +4 to Int and Wis (48k gp, I forget how you are doing the time required) and, more desirable to me, someone to improve my cloak with a slightly better deflection bonus and a resistance bonus to saves (totaling 46k gp in enhancements). Plus a solid month to reflect on the teachings of my Tome.

I'm also working to improve my understanding of written languages and my meager ability to disarm traps, as a hobby and a skill that my current group lacks. Those are longer-term goals, though I'd like to focus on them pretty hard for the next few months, as I have reason to try and nearly double my skill in each in short order.

I also intend to try and discover the nature, if not the identity, of my Draconic progenitor. I have a good working knowledge of dragon-kind and enough connections and living family that I may have some luck figuring out what other... traits I might manifest as my power grows.
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