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I ran out of things to care about on facebook (nothing new there) quite quickly, so I randomly opened my livejournal account and saw the Eastern Spire community. I felt nostalgic, so I started reading...
And reading...
And reading all the comments...
Until I ran out of stuff to read.

First off, I`m sorry that I was not more active in this community. I should have contributed more to these discussions and given a fresh perapective.

Second, I miss you all. Alarmingly so.

I don`t even think anyone in this group still uses livejournal, but meh.

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So from what everybody seems to know, Cj is running tomorrow. We are in a dungeon at the moment. We left our heros trying to decide if they were going to rest for the 8 hours for the arcane spells to come back. I of course am up for the idea. I also only have the arcane spells to offer to the group. So... See you guys tomorrow after I get done with my Physics Lab and Cj gets out of class...
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IC:Hey God!

That last cleric we... neutralized seemed to imply that we had done something... stupid. I'm curious as to what happened last time they tried something like this. Can we do some research before we deside what we are doing next? I really don't want to leave this half done or open ended.

As for downtime, I need someone who can make a pair of lenses giving me a +4 to Int and Wis (48k gp, I forget how you are doing the time required) and, more desirable to me, someone to improve my cloak with a slightly better deflection bonus and a resistance bonus to saves (totaling 46k gp in enhancements). Plus a solid month to reflect on the teachings of my Tome.

I'm also working to improve my understanding of written languages and my meager ability to disarm traps, as a hobby and a skill that my current group lacks. Those are longer-term goals, though I'd like to focus on them pretty hard for the next few months, as I have reason to try and nearly double my skill in each in short order.

I also intend to try and discover the nature, if not the identity, of my Draconic progenitor. I have a good working knowledge of dragon-kind and enough connections and living family that I may have some luck figuring out what other... traits I might manifest as my power grows.
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Just as an idea, why don't we get Scrolls and wands adn such of some of our favorite defense spells, like Resist Elements and Dragon Skin maybe, to save our daily spells for the combat. I know I wouldn't mind saving some spell slots.

I also highly recomend that we look into getting a few random items of general use, like some Ioun stones and the like. Things that we can either find, or not, but not waste a lot of time looking for.

That's all I've got in mind. I'm going to spend a day in prayer prepping for the worst and hoping for the best. I'm not sure how bad this might get, but I'm not going to let all of these people suffer a never-ending winter on the whim of a lunatic Priest.

OOC: Are we getting Xp in time to do the paperwork, if needed?

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OOC: Are we going to get Xp before this next encounter? If the three guys we fought to get a good look at the table averaged 12th level between them, then I'm spitting distance from level 15. I know I'd love to have a few extra abilities going into this next situation.

IC: I'm going to check with the family and see if any of our stuff has sold. Let me know if I need to take anything else in for them to move for us.

I'll leave the rest until we know what we are doing...

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OOC: In an attempt to speed things along since apparently tom and heather are going to be playing with anna some prior to the game, and its not expected to start until after 8, I am posting here to attempt to start the planning work.

IC: Hmmm. This table does seem to be nigh impenetrable. i suggest that we take note in our ledgers of these runes here and return from whence we came. If you have an arcane mark of some sort i suggest that we mark somewhere near by to ease the work on a scrying. Bastion you mentioned something about selling some of these items to certain people, that would be quite beneficial, and i believe you Chip mentioned something about wanting to make something? These both seem grand ideas. I personally shall return to the heroic isles for a time and shall consult with the Sun god's temple and pour thru ancient treatises in the library. Arellia may wish to accompany me if she is eager to hunt down this tomb she desires. Any which way, i shall have to wait till tomorrow to depart.
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The Mantle of Faith

Mantle of Faith: This holy garment, worn over normal clothing, grants damage reduction 5/evil to the character wearing it.

Strong abjuration [good]; CL 20th; Craft Wondrous Item, stoneskin; Price 76,000 gp.

Stoneskin is the ONLY spell in the SRD that grants DR, which is why it is the requisite spell for this item. Many items call for the use of a random spell that is only nominaly simular to the items effect. I mean, look at the Bag of Holding. Wouldn't Rope Trick (which creates a large extra-dimentional space that opens to the prime) make more sense for this item than Secret Chest (which hides a big box on the Ethereal)?

So, I admit that there may be a better spell for the job, but my point is that there ought to be a good version as well as an evil version, and the price shouldn't be any different. I am still rather annoyed at the number of spells that have the evil descriptor on the Cleric list compaired to those labled good. Evil clerics already have more damage dealing spells and an all around larger selection. It makes no sense, then, that being good would hamper me such that I wouldn't be able to wear a cape that protects me from the creatures who embody the malice and cruelty I actualy intend to fight but can get one that saves me from everything else in the multiverse. If evil has all these advantages and is clearly more clever and inventive, how is good ever going to win?
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No game this week?
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No one ever spoke up for any specific gems, so I'm guessing that we are splitting the cash value. I'm taking one bracelet, and I encourage you all to do likewise. The various other objet d'art can be held on to for later.

We offer Visini the shield and the potions of enlarge and invisibility.

Chip gets the Ring of Wizardry +Kick-Ass and has control over the staff of Charming, how ever he chooses to handle it.

Fayde gets the Ioun Stone.

Aurelia gets Chips ring of Wizardry +1 and, if she's got enough knowledge of UMD with her phenominal force of personality to activate it more often than not, (OOC total mod of about 11) the wand of Searing Light.

And I will take the wand of Lightning Bolt and the scroll.

The following are going into the shop, to be sold (eventualy) at 75% of list value. If anyone has a problem with this, say so now.
  • 1 Wand, Keen Edge

  • 1 Wand, Ability Boost

  • 1 Weapon, +3 Heavy Mace

  • 1 Weapon, +3 Longbow
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* * *

13 gems:
-3 black emeralds, 800gp ea
-3 smoke quartz, 75 gp ea
-7 black diamond, 750 gp ea

28 art pieces:
-1 tapestry, spun spider silk, of Outlands Spire, 2500gp
-1 tapestry, raw cotton and wool, of Limboscape, 1675 gp
-17 pewter goblets, each blazoned with glyph of Outer Plane, 550 gp ea
-5 electrum bracelets, with opal inset, open seven-strand braid, 65 gp ea
-3 velvet masks, comedy, tragedy, history, black silk and sapphire
dust, 750 gp ea
-1 carved crown, obsidian and jade, 5000 gp

Shiny bits:
1 Potion, Invisibility
1 Potion, Enlarge
1 Armor, +3 Heavy Steel Shield, Animated
1 Scroll, Divine: Snare, Animate Dead, Speak w/ Dead
1 Wand, Searing Light (CL 6)
1 Wand, Lightning Bolt (CL 6)
1 Wand, Keen Edge
1 Wand, Ability Boost
1 Weapon, +3 Heavy Mace
1 Weapon, +3 Longbow
1 Staff, Staff of Charming
1 Ioun Stone, Orange Prism
1 Ring, Wizardry I + III
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